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A question for the professionals

Bill Tindall
I blundered into a craft show in Winter Park, FL. It was the most high end show I have ever attended with artists/crafts people from all over the country purveying their wares. I expect it is difficult to be accepted into this show.

There were two furniture makers attending. Their stuff was well designed. The wood selection was excellent, in one case birds eye maple from Michigan. The finishes were similarly excellent. Drawers fit well and were nicely made. Knobs were "home made" and attractive. However, in each case doors were mounted with those hinges that don't require mortises, yielding a gappy door and a cheap looking plated hinge.

What's the story here? Is the installation of butt hinges to costly for a $1500 piece of furniture? Are these young woodworkers lacking the experience to hang a door with butt hinges? They don't know any better........?

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