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Why is my resawed wood bowing?

Ed in NY
Last night I was resawing 8/4 oak boards in half and just when the bandsaw blade was through the entire board the two pieces popped apart both sides bowed away from the direction of the cut. To make it clearer, if I put the two pieces back together , the ends would touch but in the center they were about 1/2" apart over a 48" length. Before anyone asks....these are really old, very dry pieces of wood. I got them from Grizzly in the late 90's and they have been sitting in my shop which is heated and airconditioned since then. I cut apart six of them last night and it happened on all of them, I have another 6 to do. Could it be from the heat of the blade? I'm using a 3/4" blade in the saw and I'm feeding the wood at a normal rate, not overloading the saw at all. This happened before when I resawed some pieces from this lot. I can't understand it. Any insight into this would be helpful. I have the boards clamped flat to my workbench but I hold little hope they'll straighten out. Any advice on how to straighten them would be appreciated too!

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