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Euro Style Hinges...Why use them?????

Barry Irby
I am building a vanity for the rental house I am working on. I have never used Euro style hinges and thought I might just to learn how. At Lowe's they were about $7 a hinge (I need four), but at Home Depot they (Liberty Brand) were about $7 a pair. Both places and Old style hinges for about $1.20 each.

Interestingly, Lowe's bins were marked as being Blum Brand, but the actual hinges were Richelieu (SP?). I would have been more comfortable buying Blum. Their packaging on the brand X (to Me) hinges was printed in three languages but said nothing. No indication of the bit size, no info on whether they were adjustable.

So the question is, What do I get from using Euro style hinges? Why would I pay $7 a pair (let alone $14 a pair) rather than $2.50?

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