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Re: OT-The Day The Music Died-American Pie-voice o

Rick Haverstock
Hey Terry,

Don't know if this would be the version you're searching for, but I have heard it on "The True Oldies Channel" with Scott Shannon (get it locally on WLS-FM) and available on-line at True Oldies Channel dot com. If you can link to the station, I know that he does take requests. I have an internet radio in the shop (and all over the house for that matter) and like the ability to listen to more than 1800 stations from all over the world. Right now I'm tuned in to brazilian jazz from Sky-FM in London, good music when there's 20 inches of snow on the ground here.

I'm pretty sure that Scott had something to do with it as it sure sounded like his voice on the version I heard. I know that another Chicago area DJ, Bob Dearborn, did his master's thesis on the "real meaning" of the song. Might be interesting to google and see if that's on line as well.

Rick Haverstock
Dug out in Chicago (yeah, we're tough here)

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