Shop-Built Dust Hood

Here's a solution for catching sawdust that you can build.

SHOP OWNER: Chuck Lenz
LOCATION: Bismarck, ND

    When I designed this hood, I wanted something that was easier to hook to a dust collection hose than the generic plastic table saw hood that I was using. So then I tried a heat register boot that had about a 2 1/2" x 10" opening aligned so it was parallel under the saw blade and had the 4-inch port pointed out the back of the saw. It worked fine until I tilted the blade and the blade was no longer above the opening.
Shop-Built Dust Hood

    Thatís when I came up with this design. For reference it is hooked up to a 1300 CFM dust collector.
Shop-Built Dust Hood

    The 4" port is one that twists into a 4" opening.
Shop-Built Dust Hood

    This was the first time I tried sheet metal work. By sandwiching sheet metal between a couple pieces of wood, with sharp 90-degree corners, and a few C clamps, bending worked well.
Shop-Built Dust Hood

    The blueprint on this dust port is made for my 34-445 Delta contractor's table saw. The bottom opening in the base of that cabinet is 10" x 10". You will need a 25-1/2" x 23-3/4 " piece of sheet metal.

    If you take these plans to a sheet metal shop, I'm guessing you could have one made pretty reasonably if you are in a hurry. I think I used 22-gauge sheet metal.

. . . Chuck Lenz

Shop-Built Dust Hood


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