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SHOP OWNER: Mike Schwing
LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

    Here you can see the head being turned down. It has some gloss on it but that is just CA glue to keep some cracks in check.

    After the head was turned and hollowed, I cut the head open with a dental drill and carved the interior using rotary carving tools. Then I used an Arbortech to hog out the big stuff. I use forstner bits to remove mass from underneath the body and in between the legs. Then I shaped the body and legs using Flexcut carving tools. Here is an in-progress shot a little further along.

    I've taken the body down to final size and begun adding some detail. The legs are still thick so I have some strength left for working on the body. The block/base continued to crack along the way and boy did it have me worried.

    Now we're getting somewhere... I'm making final changes and carving details like joints, tendons, etc. in the legs. At this point, I'm still undecided about how to deal with the base.

    I carved the base using various images of brain scans I found on the Internet. I applied them with tack adhesive, traced them with a cutting tool, and then shaped them from there.

    With that done, I began painting. I used an airbrush for the whole thing, and the pattern was done using a wire mesh molded over the piece. I have hundreds of hours in this odd little thing, which stands about 14" tall.

. . . Mike Schwing



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