Miter Saw Station

Features folding extensions, saw height adjustment, and plenty of storage.

SHOP OWNER: Jason Young

    About two months ago, I finally got sick of crouching down on the floor to use my Ridgid compound miter saw (CMS). I had seen plans online for a CMS station that incorporated fold-up wings for longer pieces. Instead of buying these plans, I just decided to wing it and design it myself (using the rough dimensions of the space I had available as well as the dimensions that would let me get the most out of my available wood). I'm pleased to say that this whole station - plywood, walnut trim, hardware, casters, knobs, hinges, and drawer slides - only cost about $80 to build. I had an old piece of ash plywood lying around and used a lot of walnut I still had that I used previously on my router table and wall mounted tool cabinet.
Miter Saw Station

    Here's a close-up of the right-hand wing. It incorporates a T-track assembly with a left-to-right tape measure for quickly cutting pieces to length. Again, I got crazy with the walnut trim, but that only added a few days of work.
Miter Saw Station

    This third picture shows the drawer and doors in an open position. Note the micro-adjust feature of the CMS mounting platform. I saw this in passing on another station someone had brought into Woodcraft. I liked the idea and stole it. Also of note is the fact that this was my first "real" drawer. Previous attempts had been of embarrassingly shoddy construction. I'm quite proud of this one. It's made of 1/2" ply with a piece of 1/2" maple for the drawer front. The drawer and doors are all trimmed in walnut. The drawer runs very smoothly on its slides.
Miter Saw Station

    Here's a close-up of the micro-adjust platform assembly.
Miter Saw Station

    Finally, here is the CMS station with my router table and hanging tool cabinet. I had a lot of fun putting this together. It went together in about four days, matches the rest of the shop cabinetry well, and is very convenient to use. Finally, no more bruised knees from kneeling on the ground to use my saw!

. . . Jason Young



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