Mike's Air Cleaner

An inexpensive and efficient way to filter shop air.

SHOP OWNER: Mike Delfuoco
LOCATION: Roseville, MI

    This very effective woodshop air cleaner is easy and inexpensive to build. I picked up the motor from a Heating & Cooling contractor. I don't know how much air it moves, but most of these can move enough air to heat a house. Therefore, it is certainly big enough for my 21 x 16 shop.
Mike's Air Cleaner

    I built the box just large enough to house the motor and fan so I could mount it close to the ceiling. Weather stripping on the door provides an airtight seal.
Mike's Air Cleaner

    The unit has two filters. The primary filter is a 14 x 20 furnace filter. I tried the cheap 98-cents type but they did not work very well. Now I pay about $3.00 and they last three or four months, depending on the type of project that I am doing. The secondary filter is a "K&N Performance Filter" #33-2035, made for a Corvette, and can be bought at most auto parts stores. This one I wash out a few times a year. I just spray it with any household cleaner like Fantastic and rinse it out with water.
Mike's Air Cleaner

    The three-foot long duct on the discharge moves the clean air away from the unit so as not to pull the same air into it repeatedly, like the store bought cleaners.

. . . Mike Delfuoco



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