Norman's Downdraft/Extention Table

A powerful solution to sanding dust that doubles as an outfeed table.

SHOP OWNER: Norman Pirollo
LOCATION: Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada

    This is my version of a downdraft sanding and outfeed table, which also serves as a whole-shop air filter.
    The blower and motor (1/3 HP) is from recycled material ($45.00), and I decided to have the dual (four filters total) 16" X 20" pleated furnace filter array accessible from the inside of the downdraft table. The reasons are - it's a cleaner design, and I will need to vacuum the dust pit out often anyway. The top is easily removable for cleaning, making it a simple task. Since I purchased the motor and blower separately, I also needed to build a swiveling mount and tension adjustment assembly for it.
Norman's Downdraft/Extention Table Norman's Downdraft/Extention Table
Norman's Downdraft/Extention Table


    I set it up directly off the back of the Unisaw utilizing a 6-inch extension. This is to keep the blade guard assembly intact. I dadoed miter slots in both the table and 6-inch extension. The table/extension unit is one piece with angle brackets joining the two. The whole assemble is on casters and leveling feet and is easily moved away from the saw for maintenance. Once the unit is against the saw and the miter slots aligned, it does not budge.
Norman's Downdraft/Extention Table

    The dimensions are as follows: 38 inches deep (front to back) and 42 inches wide. The height is almost at tablesaw level, less -inch for the top. I also placed a 30-minute timer in the circuit so it shuts itself off after cleaning.
    This is one powerful unit, and it seems to work well. I arranged the filters vertically with two filters per side. Dust caking on the filters is minimal, as it tends to fall into the dust pit, which is easily accessible for vacuuming.

. . . Norman Pirollo



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