Andy Lincoln's Walnut Dresser

Walnut solids and veneers combine to make an heirloom.

BY: Andy Lincoln
LOCATION: Dearborn Heights, MI

    Here are some photos of a walnut dresser I just completed for my wife and me. My inspiration for this piece was to replace a cheap, factory-type, store-bought dresser. (Ugh!) After 10 yrs. it was pretty much shot.
    The overall dimensions of the dresser are 62 W x 19 D x 34 H. It is constructed of veneered walnut over an MDF substrate, with additional solid walnut as needed. The interior framing is made of birch plywood biscuit-jointed together to create the dust/web frames.
Top View

    The drawer construction is 1/2-in. birch plywood, edgebanded to cover the top edges. I made a simple jig for the tablesaw and assembled all the drawers with a 1/2-in. box joint in the front with dados to accept the back rails. The drawer fronts are solid walnut mortise-and-tenon frames with 1/4-in. walnut ply for the field.
Another View

     The finish is two coats of linseed oil with six or seven coats of dewaxed orange shellac and two coats of paste wax on top of every thing. When I completed the skeletal framing I sprayed clear shellac over all interior surfaces and the drawers just to make sure they were sealed for many years of use.
    I have no doubt that my son who is three years old will be able to put this in his house and get many years from it after I am long gone.

...Andy Lincoln



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