As many of our regular visitors know, Woodworker West magazine publishes a regular column of excerpts from surveys we conduct on our WoodCentral messageboards, usually on the "ides" (15th) of every other month. We harvest your responses, edit them and send them off to our friends at Woodworker West for publication in their next issue. Everyone is most welcome to participate, though no attribution will be given and you can count on editorial brutality of the highest order.

For those of you who don't subscribe to Woodworker West, here are some scans of previous columns for your amusement. If you recognize your own responses in here, you could be eligible for the coveted WoodCentral "Where's Waldo?" prize. Sorry, our scanner broke in 2007, so we're not exactly up to date, but we're working on it.
... Ellis Walentine, Host

#1: January/February 2000
What woodworker or woodworking author has had the most profound influence on you?
#2: March/April 2000
What's the most rewarding thing about woodworking for you?
#3: May/June 2000
Do you design the things you make, or do you work from others' plans?
#4: July/August 2000
What type of music do you listen to in the shop?
#5: September/October 2000
What improvements would you like to see in woodworking tools, equipment and supplies?
#6: November/December 2000
How do we rejuvenate the industrial arts and/or inspire future generations to work with their hands?

#7: January/February 2001
What's the distinction between art and craft?
#8: March/April 2001
What traits and interests distinguish woodworkers from other people?
#9: May/June 2001
Where do you get your woodworking news, inspiration and know-how?
#10: July/August 2001
What will woodworking be like fifty years from now?
#11: September/October 2001
What shortcuts are you willing to take when doing quality work?
#12: November/December 2001
How have events since September 11 affected you as a woodworker?

#13: January/February 2002
Do you attend woodworking shows? Why or why not?
#14: March/April 2002
What is the importance of your shop to you? What makes it special?
#15: May/June 2002
What are your strategies for working efficiently and avoiding mistakes in the shop?
#16: July/August 2002
Where do you buy your tools and what drives your purchasing decisions?
#17: September/October 2002
Where is the line between copying and merely being influenced?
#18: November/December 2002
How do you feel about making a living (or part of a living) at woodworking?

#19: January/February 2003
Does woodworking have intrinsic "art value?"
#20: March/April 2003
Where will the next generation of woodworkers come from?
#21: May/June 2003
What is the future of woodworking publishing? Magazines? DVDs?
#22: July/August 2003
How and where do you buy your tools?
#23: September/October 2003
How do you feel about sharing your tools?
#24: November/December 2003
Would a boycott of tropical woods hurt rainforest conservation?
#25: January/February 2004
Have you used any of the "lesser known species" of wood?
#26: March/April 2004
Do tools make the craftsman?
#27: May/June 2004
What kinds of jigs and fixtures have you made for your shop?
#28: July/August 2004
How do you price your work?
#29: September/October 2004
What was your dumbest woodworking mistake: Part 1?
#30: November/December 2004
What was your dumbest woodworking mistake: Part 2?

#31: January/February 2005
What gifts are you making for the people on your list?
#32: March/April 2005
What is your dream project?
#33: May/June 2005
Why do you do woodworking? Part I
#34: July/August 2005
How do time and other factors affect the amount of work you put into a project?
#36: November/December 2005
What makes a good workshop?

#37: January/February 2006
What gifts are you making for the people on your list?
#38: March/April 2006
What advice would you give to someone just starting out in woodworking?
#39: May/June 2006
How do you find a profitable woodworking niche?
#40: July/August 2006
What other creative pursuits or technical abilities complement your woodworking?
#41: September/October 2006
How do you fit your woodworking into the rest of your life?
#42: November/December 2006
Have you ever exhibited your work in a gallery?

#43: January/February 2007
What do you think is the future of woodworking?
#44: March/April 2007
What inspired your woodworking interest or influenced your direction?
#45: May/June 2007
How can woodworking shows be improved?
#46: July/August 2007
What suggestions do you have for manufacturers of tools and equipment?
#47: September/October 2007
What affects your preference for hand tools or power tools?
#48: November/December 2007
How did you start woodworking?