What's it worth to you?

Hi Folks,
    As I said in my introduction on the home page, WoodCentral is a site created by and for the people who visit here. I do my best to make the site the best it can be, to pay the bills, and to keep things running smoothly. My efforts are multiplied by those of the selfless volunteers -- including our forum moderators, chat hosts, book and video reviewers, the articles production team and other contributors -- who feel that WoodCentral is worth an investment of their time and skills. Everyone who brings something to the party helps to make the site bigger and better, week after week, year after year.
    Now that we've passed our 15th anniversary, I am pleased to say that WoodCentral has not only survived, but grown and prospered, all because of the largesse and dedication of our visitors -- of you! But, the out-of-pocket costs of running a 5,000 page website are not inconsequential. As much as I would prefer not to ask you for help, the fact is that advertising revenues cover only part of our annual operating costs, and the rest has to come from other sources. Hat and T-shirt sales add a few dollars to the fund, but donations, including donations to our Benefit Auctions, are even more important to our vitality and growth.

    Several years ago, we adopted the "Recurring Donations" system, a clever service from PayPalŪ that lets you automatically and painlessly send WoodCentral small donations at regular intervals until further notice. You can opt in or out anytime, so there's never any risk. Just select a comfortable contribution level and click the "DONATE" button next to your selected donation amount below. If you are not a PayPalŪ member, you will have the option of signing up right away for this popular Internet transaction service. Signup is very easy and completely secure. [NOTE: Annual donations are more cost effective for us. PayPalŪ charges WoodCentral a small fee for every donation, and this transaction fee amounts to a much larger percentage of a small monthly donation than it does of a larger annual one.]

    Only you can decide what WoodCentral is worth to you. I hope that you consider some level of participation to help us keep the lights on and sustain this remarkable community of woodworkers and friends. Thanks in advance!

. . . Ellis Walentine, Host


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