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    This year marks WoodCentral's ninth anniversary online. Each year around this time, I pass the hat to help defray some of the ongoing costs of running this site. Advertising revenues cover less than half of our annual operating costs, and the rest has to come from other sources. Hat and t-shirt sales help some, but donations, including benefit auction donations, are even more important.
    Several years ago, we adopted the "Recurring Donations" system, a clever service from PayPal that lets you automatically and painlessly send WoodCentral a small donation each month until further notice. You can opt in or out anytime, so there's never any risk. Just select a comfortable contribution level and click the "Sign Me Up!" button below. If you are not a PayPal member, you will have the option of signing up right away for this popular Internet transaction service. Signup is very easy and completely secure.
    Only you can decide what WoodCentral is worth to you. I hope that you consider some level of participation to help us keep the lights on. Thanks in advance!

. . . Ellis Walentine, Host