How to Create a
WoodCentral Profile

    WoodCentral is a little different from other woodworking forums in that we don't require you to register in order to be able to post messages, but there are a lot of advantages to having a valid WoodCentral profile:

  • tell other visitors about yourself and your woodworking interests. Include a photo if you wish.
  • use formatting tools and smiley faces to customizing message text.
  • upload one or more images or other files from your computer directly into your messages as you compose them. This is a great feature for showing a sequence of work or different views of a finished piece.
  • access the "Optional Link URL" box and the "Optional Image URL" boxes, so you can upload links and images that you have stored elsewhere on the Internet.
  • edit and/or delete your posts. Editing must be done within two hours of posting.
  • view e-mail addresses of posters who include them in their message headers.
  • view the list of profiles of registered users.
  • display user profiles.
  • bypass the content filter, so you can paste links in your messages. The content filter prevents spammers from posting unwanted links on our boards, which was a big problem with our previous software.
  • enable "Report problem" link so you can send a trouble ticket to the forum administrator when you have a problem or question about the workings of the forum. The trouble ticket contains information about your browser settings and enables forum administrators to prescribe solutions to common posting problems.

        Creating a profile is quick and easy, your e-mail address is secure, and we will never share or trade any personal information with anyone. It's the best way to enjoy all the features and benefits of the WoodCentral boards. If you don't have a profile yet, I hope you will create one right away. Welcome aboard!
    ...Ellis Walentine, Host

    Creating Your Profile

        To create a profile, just click the My Profile link in the gray navigation bar at the top of the message index page. Follow the directions on the pages that follow. The whole process should only take a few minutes. If you have been posting without a profile, you may encounter an "invalid password" error when trying to create a new profile. This is a cookie error and the solution it to find and delete any WoodCentral cookies and try again. (Cookies are tiny files that tell your browser what your username and preferences are, and each messageboard sets a cookie on each browser you use. We don't share your information with anyone else, so be sure you have cookies enabled in your security settings.)

    Step-By-Step Instructions

    STEP 1: When you first click the "My Profile" link in the gray navigation bar, you will see a screen with two simple text boxes. The instructions are clear: If you already have a profile, and would just like to edit it, type the name and password associated with your profile into the boxes provided. The username ("Your Name") must be exactly the same as the one you registered initially. If you are creating a new profile, type in your chosen username or handle, and click the "Edit Profile" button. A temporary password will be sent to you immediately via e-mail. This step also saves a WoodCentral cookie to your computer that will remember your name when you return.

    STEP 2: To finish creating your profile, click on the "My Profile" link again. Your name now appears in the "Your Name" box. Enter the password you received in your e-mail to the "Password" box. Click the "Edit Profile" button after you input your e-mailed password.

    STEP 3: Next, you will come to a screen where you will add your e-mail address, your story (if you choose to -- your name won't show up in the profile list if you don't) and an image if you like. Be sure to use a valid e-mail address! This data is off limits to harvesters and bots. If you use a fake address, any e-mail notices you request will not be delivered. When you're done, click the "Save Profile" to finish creating your profile. Once you have done this, nobody else will be able to post under your name.

    CONFIRMATION: Once you have finished creating and saving your profile, you will get a confirmation screen that shows the profile you've created for yourself. Note that Groucho didn't add any text or photos to his profile, so his name will not appear in the "Profiles" list. Also note that his e-mail address is not visible in the profile. Nobody reading your profile (except WoodCentral moderators) can see your e-mail address in your profile. Also, only registered users can see your e-mail address in your message posts, *and only if* you have actually typed it into the "Your E-mail Address" field. If you don't include your e-mail address in your message, that information will be contained in your cookie until the next time you do type in your address, so you won't have to worry about omitting the address each time you post.

    CHANGING YOUR PROFILE: If you would like to change your password to something you can remember, click "My Profile" again and enter your new password in the boxes provided. You may also make any other revisions to your profile at this time, including adding a link to your personal web site, adding a photo or changing the text portion of your profile. Remember, as soon as you type something in the text box, your name will be visible in the "Profiles" list.

    You can modify your profile and/or password at any time by simply clicking the "My Profile" link and making the changes. If you encounter any problems or error messages, please click "Report Problem" to open a trouble ticket where you can describe the problem you're having. Someone will take care of it as soon as possible. If the "Report Problem" link doesn't appear in the navigation bar, it means the software doesn't recognize you as a registered user. Check your name and password to be sure they are the same as the ones you registered in your profile. If not, change them accordingly and save the changes. You can also contact the forum administrator by e-mail.

    This whole process is a lot easier than it may sound. I created the Groucho profile in under three minutes, without text or photos, but the point is that the actual process should be quite easy to follow, though it might take a while to understand. Refer back to this page if you need to refresh yourself on the profile process.
    ...Ellis Walentine, Host