The history of logging in the Pacific Northwest is an epic saga of giant trees and the rugged souls whose lives revolved around them. These legendary adventurers, mainly Swedes, conquered the ancient forests with only their wits, their axes and saws, their ingenious contraptions, and their indomitable will. They were said to be serious about only two things--work and beer; beyond that, they were occasionally known to blur--no, demolish--the line between myth and reality, giving rise to some of the most outrageous and hilariously tall tales in the history of folklore.
     Here then, as a special treat for WoodCentral's esteemed visitors, is a collection of logging tales that have been preserved for posterity by Forrest Addy--friend, expert machinist and frequent contributor to WoodCentral. Forrest's great-grandfather Augustus was a real character--at times a cobbler, logger, millwright and mayor--in the early days of Port Orchard, Washington. Told in Forrest's inimitable style, Augustus's stories are sure to amuse, delight and entertain you. Enjoy them!
. . . Ellis Walentine, Host

TALE #1: "How Did The Pit Saw Get Its Name?"
TALE #2: "The Irresistible Force"
TALE #3: "Piddlin' Measures"
TALE #4: "High Math And The Soaring Saw"
TALE #5: "In The Very Old Days"
TALE #6: "It's All Relative"
TALE #7: "Hunting Fair"
TALE #8: "A Cure For Baldness"
TALE #9: "Mosquito Season"
"Fallers & Chockers"
"The Steam Donkey"