Mobile Outfeed/Utility Table

by Thomas Skaggs

I just thought I’d share this info with anyone here who has limited shop space, like I do. With limited space it helps to have shop fixtures that can move or multi-task. Last year I built this cart/table that serves a variety of purposes.

lift cart behind table saw

The cart itself is a foot pedal operated hydraulic lift cart that I bought at our local Farm and Fleet store for $99 (on sale). I simply made a box with a heavy melamine top to fit over the top of the cart. The box is removable by just lifting it off.

I cut miter gauge slots so I could use it as an outfeed for my table saw. The cart has lockable wheels so it can be positioned anywhere.

outfeed for bandsaw

Here I have moved the cart to use it as outfeed support for my bandsaw. Because of the hydraulic lift I can raise and lower the top to any height to match tool tables for outfeed. I merely pump up the height slowly with a straight edge extended from the tool’s table Pretty handy.

I also have a larger piece of melamine that I can lay on top. That provides me a nice multi-height work table or assembly table. If I am working on a large piece then I can lower the cart down low so that the piece is at a comfortable working height.

Weight capacity of the unit is about 600 pounds.

. . . Thomas Skaggs

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