Sanding Disk Storage

by Ray Thompson–Middletown, IN

sanding disk storage

Those little round disks seem to congregate everywhere so I found some scrap paneling and an old piece of PVC and made a two story carousel. I suppose you could put some bearings under it to make it handier to turn, but I usually keep it where I can grab the 60 grit.

band saw jig

I sliced off part of a length of tube by clamping each piece to some plywood thrown together as a sled and running it through the band saw. Boy, wouldn't some of those Bessey Mighty-Minis from the borg be perfect for this.

boring out the pipe

The 2" disks are a little tight in a 2" pipe, I found out after the fact, but a 218" Forstner bit would make it about the right size (typical Schedule 40 PVC has plenty of wall thickness to allow 116" to be taken out). Chucking it up in the lathe was my plan. I tried it out and it worked like a charm.

. . . Ray Thompson–Middletown, IN

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