Wooden Tote for a #113

by Mike Fitterling

My parents recently picked up a #113 for me. The plane is in decent shape, although it had a repair to the frog, which is well done and usable, and it was missing the tote. I asked around a bit if anyone had a spare tote off a broken plane, but when that didn’t materialize a fellow galoot said he had made one for his that worked out fine. So, yesterday I had a little time and made one for mine.

new tote blank ready to refine

I had some jatoba left from doing legs for a headboard that was the right width so I used that. Here it is fresh from the bandsaw.

start of the hand work

A Little Work with the Fret Saw

now for the chisel work

A Little Chisel Work

I chopped out a recess to accommodate the back of the frog casting, I also chucked up a small sanding drum on the drill press and hollowed out the underside to accommodate the iron adjusting wheel.

sanded, finished, installed

Final Touches

A bit of handsanding, a touch of oil, and some screws through the frog holes, and it is done. I thought about drilling a hole through the tote and inserting a dowel where the screws will pass to give some cross-grain strength to the attachment, but the fellow who had done his said he had no problem with screws into the end grain of the tote, so I let it be. If the tote fails, I can always go back and do the dowel trick.

old and new

New and Old

Here’s the plane with its new tote and a picture of the original tote behind it. It was a fun project and came out decent for an hour’s work.

. . . Mike Fitterling

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