Kutzall® Carving on the Lathe

by Mike Schwing

ladle and Kutzall

Don't ya love it when you come up with an idea and it actually works! Especially when it is one that saves you time, time, time and makes your job a whole lot easier?

It dawned on me today that I could use a drill chuck in my lathe to hold a 4" Kutzall® carbide angle grinder disc. I already use a pneumatic sanding drum that way, why not a grinder disc? So I went to Home Depot, where I found just the right 58" hardware for it. Then I discovered that the drill chuck I have is only good for ½" bits. Nuts! No problem, what about my lathe chuck? Serendipity! The little pin chuck jaws I never use work just perfectly!

It works just great. Absolutely wonderfully in fact. Much easier to control than I had been concerned about. This literally saves me 60% of my carving/shaping work, and the ladle you see in the photo was rough shaped from a bandsawn blank in under 30 minutes. Would have easily taken me three hours with my Foredom.

. . . Mike Schwing

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